Friday, June 29, 2007

Killed For Refusing To Clean A Sandwich Toaster?

Use of restraint blamed for prison death of boy, 15 | Society |
The death of Gareth Myatt, a teenager who choked and died while being restrained by three guards at a privately-run youth prison, could have been prevented, an inquest jury found yesterday.

He was three days into a six-month sentence when staff followed him to his room when he refused to clean a sandwich toaster in the communal area. The inquest heard that while he was being restrained the teenager, who was 1.47 metres (4ft 10in) tall and weighed less than 45kg (7st), tried to warn staff he could not breathe but was ignored.
This is fucking appalling. For a start why are private companies running childrens prisons, does no one else see that as a slightly bad idea? The best part is because it's a company, no one has to be blamed! The ignorant fascist bastards that killed him were "just following the rules". The CEO, who some would say had some kind of authority over these "rules" says "the death was a "disaster waiting to happen"". Oh right, so is he to blame? Nah, the verdict is "accidental death". Two security guards, SAT ON a small 7 stone 15 year old boy until he DIED, and it was an "accident". I would've assumed they did this as a result of him becoming violent in the first place, but it doesn't mention that in the article, it seems his crime was to "refuse to clean a sandwich toaster". A FUCKING SANDWICH TOASTER!

There's another article from a few days ago explaining why this is basically torture.

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