Friday, July 13, 2007

Christian Terrorism

The Denver Post - Threats by religious group spark probe at CU-Boulder
University of Colorado police are investigating a series of threatening messages and documents e-mailed to and slipped under the door of evolutionary biology labs on the Boulder campus.

The messages included the name of a religious-themed group and addressed the debate between evolution and creationism, CU police Cmdr. Brad Wiesley said. Wiesley would not identify the group named because police are still investigating.

"There were no overt threats to anybody specifically by name," Wiesley said. "It basically said anybody who doesn't believe in our religious belief is wrong and should be taken care of."
Note the lack of the word "Terrorism". Obviously it's not Terrorism when done by Christians, that word is reserved for when Muslims do bad things.

The fact that it's not addressed to anybody "specifically by name" but simply to all people who disagree with them religiously is even more worrying.

Plenty more examples: Paul Hill murdered two doctors in 1994 because he thought abortion was wrong. "Hill said that he felt no remorse for his actions, and that he expected "a great reward in Heaven." It's wierd to think that in his mind, within his context of beliefs and morals, what he did was perfectly justifiable and indeed necessary. He genuinely thought he was trying to help, just his mind had been so warped and twisted, he didn't know what was really right or wrong anymore.

Eric Rudolph was an "anti-abortion and anti-gay extremist and domestic terrorist who committed a series of bombings across the southern United States, which killed three people and injured at least 150 others. He declared that his bombings were part of a guerrilla campaign against abortion, what he describes as "the homosexual agenda," and perceived support for it from the United States government."

It really shocks me that people can be so homophobic in this day and age. People like Eric Rudolph aren't exactly discouraged when one of the most popular US political commentators can come on tv and spout hideous hateful homophobic drivel like this:

O'REILLY: Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thank you for watching us tonight. The culture war goes to the ballpark. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

It is almost unbelievable, but the San Diego Padres scheduled a promotion for gays on the same day the team gave away hats to kids. So thousands of gay adults showed up and commingled with straight families. Predictably, that caused some anger, some saying the promotions were inappropriately timed, and some parents echoing that.

Surely like, gay people are allowed to go there anyway, so what's the problem?
O'REILLY: Unfortunately, there were a few over-the-top displays in the stands, a reminder that irresponsible behavior can come from any group.
This is actually the stupidest bit. When he says "over-the top displays", he means hugging and, occasionally (it's in the video) you can actually see people KISS! OH MY GOD! MY EYES!

For a start if you're offended by seeing people kiss then you might aswell just give up on life. In what way is that "irresponsible behaviour"? "It can come from any group!" EVEN THE GAYS!
Now "Talking Points" believes the San Diego Padres made a mistake. If you want to have a gay night, don't put a children's promotion along with it. That's just common sense.

Ten years ago, this never would have happened in America. And you can decide if we as society have made progress or have lost our collective minds. The Disney Company really ignited the "gay day" deal by doing the promotions at their theme parks. And now, you better check your local listings if you go anywhere.

It is not unreasonable for parents to object to any public sexual displays at family-friendly events. Baseball is the national pastime, a sport, not a social experiment.

In this case, actually yes it is unreasonable. If by "public sexual displays" he meant like, actual sex, then yes obviously that's rather uncouth. But it's HUGGING AND KISSING! To say that people aren't allowed to do that in public is very very unreasonable. He's quite good at implying that it should be unnacceptable for gay people but ok for straight people, without actually saying it.

San Diego Padres might think they're being inclusive and politically correct, but they're really being insensitive and, well, dumb. While secular progressives will applaud the mixing of a gay promotion with a kids' giveaway, clear-thinking people understand it is completely out of context and inappropriate. And in this case, two strikes and you're out. And that's the "Memo."

Who is he to define what "clear-thinking" people actually think? What he means is "anyone who thinks gay people should have equal rights is not thinking clearly".

This post has gone on quite a bit but it's all very inter-linked... think about it.

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