Monday, July 16, 2007


BBC NEWS | Entertainment | C4 admits faking Ramsay scene
A scene in Gordon Ramsay's TV series The F Word was faked to make it look as if the chef had caught several fish at sea, Channel 4 has admitted.
Viewers were shocked today when they found that NOT EVERYTHING ON TV HAPPENS FOR REAL. They....sometimes.... set things up, to make their presenters/celebrities look better.

If anyone is surprised by this you should give up on life now as their is no hope for you ever gaining any intelligence.

I read in the Guardian yesterday about an episode of Wife Swap, where they swapped a "racist" white couple with a black couple, but then the worst thing possible happened: they got on, really well. As a result of this Channel 4 cancelled the broadcast. TVs not fun if people are getting on, they're meant to be arguing!? Think how good that program could have been for race relations etc.
Wife Swap, C4, 2003-
In 2003 a show about a racist white couple paired with a black couple went unaired. The couples said the makers, RDF, dropped the episode because the families got along.
Interestingly, RDF is the same company that tried to pretend the Queen stormed out of a photoshoot last week...

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