Monday, July 16, 2007

Misplaced Loyalties

Teenager loses 'purity ring' legal battle - Independent Online Edition > Legal
It was a matter of deep regret to her that "I could not persuade the court to consider upholding the religious liberty of Christian people in the United Kingdom".

The teenager concluded: "As a Christian though, I live for another Kingdom, and serve another King, Jesus Christ, and therefore I shall continue to live and speak for what is right and true."
(Backstory: Girl not allowed to wear purity ring at school. Feels this will...force her to have sex?)

Who is she to decide what is "right and true"? Oh right, she didn't decide, she just read some 2,000 year old fairy tale and took wayyyyy too much from it.

If some imaginary being is more important to you than the actual country that you live in, why don't you just like, fuck off and die?


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