Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin's Illegal Email Account Hacked

FBI investigates Sarah Palin's Yahoo account after hackers break in | World news |
FBI investigators are examining an email account belonging to vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, after hackers broke into it and posted the information on the internet.
Ohhhh it smells so good. Sweet, sweet justice. There's this pesky law which says state officials must send official business through their official state email address, but that account can subpoenaed, meaning a court can demand to see it for evidence. The obvious trick to this is just use your personal Yahoo email account to do your official business with, then you don't have to show anyone! (this is a trick she borrowed from Dick Cheney). Well thankfully, some hackers chose to excercise state accountability for themselves. I just wished they'd released more of the emails.

Shove that up your arse Sarah Palin.

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