Sunday, December 07, 2008

Controversial != Funny

BBC NEWS | England | West Yorkshire | Comedian sorry for Matthews joke
Comedian Alan Carr has apologised for dedicating an award to Karen Matthews, who kidnapped her daughter Shannon.
So I saw the headline and thought "Oh what bullshit, another person we're not allowed to joke about", but I was also expecting to see a funny joke about Karen Matthews. Unfortunately when I realised it was Alan Carr all hope faded.
He said that he originally planned his Celebrity Ding Dong sketch to feature Rough Women not Fashionistas.

"It didn't work out because they couldn't cast it. I suppose it is a bit difficult to find rough women. I suppose Shannon Matthew's mum was busy," he said.

"Oh yeah, she would be my dream guest. I think she's a gay icon. People like a bit of rough don't they?"

Carr added: "I must be obsessed with her actually if you look at my Google searches. So I should dedicate this award to her."
Where is the joke exactly? He obviously decided just to evoke her name rather than bothering to write any material for this appearance. Although, I don't know what this celebrity ding dong thing is so maybe that's why I'm missing out.

I hate Alan Carr so much. Can someone come up with a good joke about Karen Matthews? Cheers.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The secrets didn't stop at the prison gates.
Mum's the word on what Karen Matthews' second name's called. We don't know what it means, but we know it's the only word which is it's own antonym. Reports are it was her daughter who called her by it.

That was the joke. I think I came up with this joke last time I read your blog, but didn't send it as I didn't realise you could post anonymously.

Anyway, with the help of your blog I have travelled back to November 23rd 2008, and much like in that film and book The Time Machine, it is time for me to take a tiny girlfriend, and contemplate how humanity has changed.

Like the book and not the film, which I haven't seen, she will be someone I deign to fancy.

Thank you for the mostly agreeable commentary on my ignorances. I leave you with this one question..
I'm not Jackie Chan.