Friday, February 20, 2009

Fuck TV

If you're a blogger yourself, you know the main reason for doing it is so that you can use your statistics program to find out what Google searches people use to get here. My number one is, slightly boringly, for helpmates ltd, which is that company which pretends to be a charity and rips people off. Fortunately though, the 6th most popular keyword used to get here is "fucktv", and if you Google that I'm about the 15th hit!

Obviously the point of this post is to boost my pagerank in an attempt to become the first search result for "Fuck TV". If I do that my life will be complete and I might as well not even blog anymore.

Do you think Google have a built in filter that detects if people have written "I'm trying to boost my pagerank" and then discount all links and text? They are pretty clever like that.

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