Friday, February 20, 2009

No Questions Asked

Teaching pack about 7/7 bombers withdrawn | Education |
The government apologised today for causing offence as it withdrew a teaching pack about the 7 July terror attacks that asked pupils to imagine they were the bombers.
Obviously the government don't want children to start thinking about why suicide bombers would do such a thing. It's much easier if they all just eat up the story about how they're irrational mental fundamentalists. There should be no investigation of their motives, no effort to understand why they'd do it. I mean only someone with a BRAIN would want to find out why their enemies hate them. It's best to assume we're right and they're wrong and kill them all, right?


Anonymous said...

Why not make that assumption? Thats exactly what they do, and they don't even think about it. They derive all their thought from Mo's Big Book of Kiddy Fiddling and Bigotry. All we need to understand is that they are the enemy, even the ones who don't blow themselves up on buses are our enemy because they do nothing to stop the ones who do.

anarki said...

If self-righteousness is what they do as well, wouldn't it be best for us to rise above it? Be the big man? Two wrongs don't make a right?

You can't blame innocent muslims for not stopping the acts of a minority, they can't control their entire race, just as I'm powerless to stop my country (Britain) waging illegal wars all around the world. Just because someone in the same race as you does something doesn't mean you support it.

Also, Are you suggesting there is a link between being a muslim and being a paedophile?

Anonymous said...

Muslims aren't a race, Islam is a religion and as such its adherents have a choice as to whether to follow its teachings or not. The Qu'ran explicitly states that unbelievers are to be converted or put to death.

Mohammed was a paedophile, he had sex with a 9 year old girl. By any definition of the word that is paedophlia. That Islam holds this man up as being the ideal that all men should try to emulate is one of the many abhorrent things about it.

Rising above it is all well and good but to at the cost of ignoring the very real threst that Islam presents to western civilization. Its stated goal is to subjugate the entire world unter Islam and destroy the freedoms and liberties which we have struggled for centuries to secure. We can't afford to be complacent about this and must fight the spread of this medieval and highly illiberal faith everywhere we find it. It has been shown that reason is no longer enough, our words and rational discussion will be drowned out by the sound of explosions and the screams of the mutilated and dying opponents of this poisonous faith. There is no greater threat to reason, freedom and rationality than Islam.

Muslims are abviously not satisfied with keeping their faith to themselves and letting everyone else get on with their lives as they see fit. Our own govenrment has already surrendered, supressing criticism and rational debate of Islams precepts at every opportunity in the name of 'community cohesion'. How can there be such a thing when the freedom of the majority is taken away to appease a violent minority? Rational, free-thinking people are arrested and silenced for spreading 'hate speech' whilst the Imams of Islam are left free to proclaim fatwahs and preach their own vile hatred of rationality and freedom with impunity.