Friday, April 24, 2009

Plastic Surgery Fails

BBC NEWS | Health | 'I just wanted to look like her'
I stop a few people and ask them to guess how old they think the ladies are.

"Forty-nine, 50 - and I'd say about 22," says the first man I stop.

Jane looks far happier with our mystery shopper than her mum does.

"She's 42, and 24," guesses the second person.

"Janet about 40 and Jane, 23. Do they look their real age? No," says a female passer-by.
So the BBC have an article about how this woman had plastic surgery and looks "just like her daughter"! Except when they go to the streets and ask people, three out of three guess their ages pretty accurately. I really fucking despair for humanity when I read shit like this.
But her ability to fool people about her age hasn't come cheap. Janet reckons she's spent £12,000 on surgical enhancement.
Yeah and that was a fucking waste of £12k if you read on a few lines!
I decided to do it because I was feeling low at the time, I'd just come out of a long-term relationship, so just to boost my confidence.
Is their seriously nothing you could do with £12k that would have made you happier? You know, donate it to your local school, build a swimming pool or something. All you've achieved is to make yourself look equally old and stupid, but now with a face made of plastic. I mean if she seriously wanted to meet a nice man, imagine the difference in how impressed he'd be if you say "I donated £12k to a school" or "I spent £12k on my fucking face". I know what I'd prefer.

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