Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretend Money

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music giants' 'fortunes dwindle'
The plummeting value of property investments and share portfolios is the main reason for stars faring so poorly.
Right, so what actually happened is they never had this money in the first place. It's like saying on Monday I buy a lottery ticket, and say "I've got a million pounds!!!! (as long as my investment pays out)". And then come saturday night when my numbers dont come up, I "lose" a million pounds. If they'd kept their money under the bed or in the bank like a normal person they'd be fine. It's impossible to lose money without doing anything, this article makes it look like they earned loads of money, sat there, and suddenly it dissapeared! No, what happened is they earned loads of money, but it wasn't enough so they gambled it to try and make more. Remember investments are a gamble.

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