Saturday, May 23, 2009

Apparently Journalists Are As Accountable As MPs

Nadine Dorries: This is a witch hunt – the torture must end - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent
MPs are human beings. They have families. Mums married to MPs must still go to the supermarket or school gate, often with the husband hundreds of miles away. Their children are scared. McCarthyite witch hunts belong to the past. As do archaic, cowardly methods of pay.

If MPs are judged wanting, so are those who knew the system was in place, including the Telegraph journalists.
Nadine Dorries is incredibly confused about who holds political power in this country. The only people with power to change the expenses system are MPs. It matters not a jot whether the Telegraph knew, whether my gran knew, whether President Obama knew, because THEY ARE NOT BRITISH MPs!!!!! YOU NADINE DORRIES ARE A BRITISH MP and are admitting you knew as well, but saying "It's not my fault, the Daily Telegraph should have been reforming the Expenses system, I'M ONLY A FUCKING MP! IT'S ONLY MY FUCKING JOB TO WRITE THE RULES!!!!!!

What a snivelling little shit, do fuck off and die Dorries.

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