Sunday, May 03, 2009

Berlusconi Is a Pedophile?

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Berlusconi's wife to divorce him
She reportedly said she could not be with a man who "consorted with minors".
I'm sorry wtf? Is there any more to this? Surely if Berlusconi has been "consorting with minors" that is more of a story than being divorced. God I hate that guy. It would be worth getting someone under-age to seduce him just to rid Italy and the world of this horrible dictator.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is :
Berlusconi is a pedophyle ;
his wife know him better than anyone else , also they are milions of ambiguous picture of him and underage girls ..
Disgusting !!!!!
Somebody take that man away!
Italian call him the psyconano ,
Italians need help to get ridd off him .

Anonymous said...

Berlusconi, the pedophile bastard, is trying back to Italian politics again. I sure as hell hope he will not succeed. This sad excuse for a man who's got his head too deep up in his ass is too stupid to even realize he should be ashemed.