Friday, May 22, 2009

FORMER Vice-President

'Clash of the Titans' pits Barack Obama against Dick Cheney on Guantánamo closure | World news |
The former vice-president, confounding expectations that he would settle quietly into retirement in Wyoming, made an uncompromising attack on Obama for proposing to close Guantánamo, for revealing interrogation methods used by CIA agents, for labelling these methods torture and for allegedly putting US security at risk.
Well thank fuck that he is the FORMER Vice-President and no longer has any power. Why is this a new story? Dick Cheney has as much executive power in US politics as my mates pet rabbit. Yet when Flopsy makes speeches about Guantanamo her words are reprinted nowhere. The best way to tackle people like Cheney is to ignore them, and the Guardian do us no favours by disseminating his vile and ignorant opinions.

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