Friday, May 22, 2009


BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Probe into teacher Twitter posts
A council spokeswoman said: "Social networking sites are blocked in all schools as policy.
This seems quite a telling example of councils being out of touch with technology. A teacher is in trouble for using Twitter, and the Councils immediate reaction is "But we banned Twitter in school. HOW CAN SHE POSSIBLY USE IT!?!?". They are clearly unaware that mobile phones can connect to the internet these days....let alone the fact that Twitter was setup with SMS integration as one of it's core features. Anyway there will obviously be no real facts about the story and just a load of controversy, but the only way this is a problem is if she's doing it during school hours when she should be teaching, or if she reveals information about pupils which could be used to identify them. It would be perfectly possible to do this anonymously but obviously the teacher hasn't taken enough steps to ensure that that's the case.

Anyway the most disturbing revelation for me in this story was:
Argyll and Bute Council policy states that teachers may access professional blogs which have educational value but are not allowed to have their own blog.
WHAT THE FUCK!? My parents are both teachers and I will be immediately setting them up blogs when they get back from work, just to piss on this notion that teachers shouldn't have them.

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