Friday, May 22, 2009

Nadine Dorris: One Holiday Home In South Africa Is Not Enough

MPs' expenses: Tory MP Nadine Dorries admits she only spends weekends and holidays in her 'main home' - Telegraph
She says she only goes "somewhere else" – either her holiday home in South Africa or the place she claims is her main residence – during free weekends and the parliamentary recess.
I know there has been a lot of internet hatred for Nadine Dorries for some time now but I've only really started to feel it in the past few weeks. She was on Radio 4 this morning having to defend a ridiculous claim on her blog that there was going to be a "suicide" in parliament or something, and whinging about how MPs don't get paid enough. A holiday home in South Africa sounds like e-fucking-nough to me.

Even more ridulously, she is taking to the extreme the notion that it is all the "systems" fault. From a post on her blog (I can't link to the exact post because her blog doesn't work properly):
If MPs are guilty, so are those who knew the system was in place, including the Telegraph journalists who have now decided for their own political reasons to expose the system, in a way which profits the Telegraph, for their own reasons.
So, according to Nadine Dorries, the Daily Telegraph is just as accountable for making sure the country and it's parliament is run fairly as MPs are. Just because MPs are the sole people who write the expenses legislation, and the Daily Telegraph aren't actually elected people with an power, doesn't mean there's a difference! IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

Fucking hell Dorries, now I know why they call her Mad Nad.

Oh and I entirely forgot about her appearnace on Question Time last week when she said that Trident missiles aren't WMDs! That was a laugh wasn't it.

UPDATE: Hahahahahahahhahha.
Nadine Dorries - Clarification
Posted Thursday, 21 May 2009 at 11:12

I've finished going through all my receipts and thought I had better make some things crystal clear:

I do NOT own a home in South Africa.

I do NOT own a home from which I receive a rental income.
I admit that I had seen this denial from her before I wrote this post, but chose to ignore it because I noticed that the Telegraph hadn't issued a correction, and frankly I believe The Daily Telegraph more than an MP at the moment. Anyway it turns out I was right to be cynical:
Nadine Dorries' Register of Members' Interests
Listed as current as at 20 May 2009

DORRIES, Nadine (Mid Bedfordshire)

8. Land and Property
House in Gloucestershire, from which rental income is received.
Holiday home in South Africa.
Baaaaaaaaaahahahahhaha. It's no wonder she's turned off comments on her blog this weekend! Well since I can't post over there I'll have to put it here: Fuck you Nadine Dorries, I think you should quit politics for something else where lying is more expected, advertising or something perhaps. Just please get the fuck out of our democracy, thanks.


Joe said...

It is beyond me why that cunt hasn't been kicked out.

Vote the pigs out, vote BNP!

anarki said...

I'd still rather have a lying cheating bitch than anyone from the BNP, at least she isn't a racist like you.