Monday, June 01, 2009

An Open Letter To The New Statesman

I was getting pretty pissed off with the New Statesman carrying more and more advertising from BAE systems so I decided to write them a letter about it. Surprisingly they didn't print it, so it is published here for your enjoyment:
I am curious about the fluid relationship The New Statesman seems to have with BAE Systems. Recently you have been carrying more and more advertising from them and last week's issue even contained one of those trick "In Association With" articles that is trying not to look like an advertisment. BAE Systems are well known for a culture of bribery and ruthlessness in their business dealings, which include selling arms to Saudi Arabia who then made threats that "British lives on British streets" would be in danger if the SFO continued its fraud investigation. I find it hard to believe that you overlooked this fact, since it has been exposed by Mark Thomas and others on the pages of this very magazine over recent years, and so can only assume that The New Statesman has had a change of heart and finds that it's values are now compatible with BAE Systems. The company was even caught spying on one of your writers (Gideon Burrows 06/10/2003). If you could please correct my confusion I'd be grateful.
Is it really naive of me to expect that magazines, especially political ones, would not take money from companies who's fundamental goals are entirely at odds with their own? Or maybe now the New Statesman is all in favour of state terrorism, bribery, nuclear missiles, cluster bombs, various atrocities under Geneva Conventions etc etc...

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