Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At Least We Didn't Kill Him

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Taser-hit man burst into flames
He told reporters: "The only other choice they would have had is to use a police-issue firearm, and the consequences would almost certainly have been far more grave."
I was actually ready to defend the police in this taser case, as the victim was clearly an idiot for covering himself in petrol and holding a lighter. The circumstances sound like he would have been on fire eventually with or without the polices help, but either way this statement pissed me off. It's the only defense the police ever issue.

You punch a random guy in the face:
"What the frak was that for?"
"Hey, at least I didn't kill you"
"You're right, thanks buddy!"

Literally every action the police do that is wrong could be defended with "At least we didn't kill him". I supposed sometimes it might require "At least we only killed a few people", but the principle still stands.

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