Thursday, July 23, 2009

Class "A" Drugs

Class A drug use on the rise among young people | Society |
Class A illicit drug use is increasing among 16- to 24-year-olds, with more than half a million young people taking cocaine and ecstasy in the last year, according to Home Office figures published today.
This story is a perfect illustration of the idiocy of the current classification system. When I saw that headline I was slightly shocked and thought "thats bad, more young people are shooting heroin and crack". But then when I click through to the story I realised it said "more than half a million people taking Cocaine and Ecstacy" and I felt relief. Ah, just cocaine and ecstacy, I thought they meant bad drugs! It doesn't really make sense that it can be a "crime" yet still such a large proportion of society partakes in said activity. Laws are meant to reflect societies attitudes, and it is abundantly clear from the last million years of evidence that young people like having a good time and taking drugs and worrying about consequences later.

No victim no crime! The only victims in any drug transaction are those artifically criminalised by the state.
The Home Office researchers say that marital status is the strongest factor associated with predicting illicit drug use, that is, if a man gets married he is more likely to give up drugs.
This merely shows that women are no fun.

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