Friday, July 03, 2009

Virgin Media Lying

Twitter / Virgin Media: @anarki Hi - our service i ...
Hi - our service is unlimited and we don't cap, but we do manage traffic at busy times to ensure the best possible service.
So I got into a bit of a debate with Virgin Media on twitter today and just thought I'd post their outright lies for everyone to say. This statement doesn't even make sense, it's "unlimited", but we do "manage traffic" to ensure the "best possible service". Giving someone a slower speed can in no way be presented as "best possible service". I pay for 10mb/s and sometimes it's that, but a large bulk of the time it's at 2.5mb/s because I have dared to use the service I pay for. If they occasionally boosted me higher or something, or even just kept it at the level that I fucking pay for, that would be the "best possible service". If the service is unlimited, then what is the term I should apply to the act of having my bandwidth cut if I upload 800megs between 3pm and 8pm, or download 1500megs between 4pm and 9pm? Some sane people would call those concepts "limits", but apparently not Virgin Media.

I'm not a fool, and I understand that when they say they're trying to offer the best possible service is because if too many people download at once it gets clogged up. I also understand that over the last year Virgin Media have been "upgrading" people from 4megs to 10, or 2 to 4, while not adding any extra capacity to their network to cope with the strain, which causes these problems and hence requires limiting to be in place.

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