Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Hey kids, look at me. No link to the BBC with a poorly constructed comment tacked on at the end, this time I'm ranting about Youtube.

Has anyone else noticed how 99% of the videos on there are just "vbloggers" (or "videobloggers" or "twats", whichever term u prefer), who have gone to all the effort of making a video just to say "I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, so here's an update video! I'm sooo busy with my cool and eventful life that I might not be able to post in a while, so I'm reeeeally sorry to all my fans who are sat on my profile hitting refresh over and over. More soon, bye"

The really stunning thing is that there is never actually a video with "content", it's always just "oh sorry I haven't made a video for a while". Yes that's great, but what the fuck do you actually make videos about?

It's an interesting phenomenon that certain services tend to taken over with talk and content about that service. For example when blogging was quite new, most of the blogs were about blogging, in the early days of twitter lots of the posts were just about Twitter and different apps you can use etc. So it seems to be the same with Youtube, too many videos about Youtube, not enough about anything else.

I don't mean to have a go at Youtube, it's only because I love it so much that these little irritations start to piss me off. The only thing missing is a negative search. You know how you can search for all videos with "dog" in the title, why can't I search for all videos which DONT HAVE "Britains got talent" "michael jackson" "Britney spears" etc etc. Then I could have a perfectly clean list of videos which are much less likely to piss me off!

And so, I leave you with this:

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