Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Letter To The Guardian

Basically the Guardian have this column by Hadley Freeman called "Ask Hadley" where people write in with obscene questions like "Should I get a fringe?" or "I haven't bought any clothes all week, what's fashionable today?" etc. This annoys me intensely so I wrote a letter. It probably won't get published but I'll print it here for the world to see! HAHA!

Could you clarify for me whether the "Ask Hadley" column is meant to be a joke or not? The Guardian espouses modernity and environmentalism from most pages but I'm then greeted with exchanges such as:

"My cropped spring jacket from last year is now very Over. Advice?" Hadley replies: "It is a new season and all, so what choice do you have but to turn away from last season's cropped jackets?" Indeed.

I mean if we all kept the same clothes for more than three months, what would the world come to?

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