Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BNP Membership List Leaked Online

BNP membership list

I'm not going to pussy-foot around, there's a direct link to the list. Now obviously this raises some interesting questions, and lead me to think "How would this be different if it was the membership list for the Socialist party?" The difference is, I'm proud of my political beliefs, proud to be a member of the Socialist Party, and would scream it from the rooptops. Members of the BNP are ashamed of their membership, ashamed of their beliefs, because deep down there is still 1 cell of normal human being working which says racism is wrong.

Fuck the BNP.

Update: Wikileaks has it, in case that blogspot succumbs to the inevitable.
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transfattyacid said...

The difference is that you are not likely to sacked from your job, or thrown out of a union, or face potential violence.

Besides who people vote for, or what party they support, is between them and the ballot box - and let's not forget that people have suffered and died for them to have that right.

And by publishing that link, no doubt you feel like a you have committed a radical and revolutionary act, but actually you have brought the internet one step closer to the Prodi Levi law.

Socialist my arse!

anarki said...

It's not exactly about who you vote for, more about whether you're a racist or not. This will serve as a useful checklist now that purpose.

Why should you be allowed in a union if you don't think black people belong in our country? The BNP is a racist organisation and anyone who joins it knows that.