Friday, December 05, 2008

Continued Hate For Virgin Media

BBC NEWS | Technology | Virgin rapped on broadband speeds
it did admit that users would be subject to its so-called traffic management system, which caps data usage during peak hours.

It said that the issue would affect only users of the 2Mbps service.

Customers on its L 4Mbps package could download 60 songs and/or two TV shows before reaching caps while those on the XL 20Mbps package could download 614 songs or nine TV shows before their speeds would be subject to caps, Virgin said.
Thought I might aswell start a full on hate campaign. Here's an article I found from a few months ago when they were in trouble for false advertising (more lying).

This quote really stood out as complete bullshit.

"Only users on 2mbps will be affected, because customers on the L package can download 2 TV shows before reaching the cap! It is unthinkable in our brains that anyone would want to download more than two TV shows, surely that's enough? There's nothing good on anyway. Oh yeah and you don't need more than 2 websites a day do you? BBC News and Google is enough. No users will be affected, because who uses more than 2 web pages? PIRATES THATS WHO."

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