Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Accusation, Deportation

BBC NEWS | UK | No charges after anti-terror raid
All 12 men arrested over a suspected bomb plot in the UK have now been released without charge by police.

Eleven - all Pakistani nationals - have been transferred to UK Borders Agency custody and face possible deportation.
I'm sorry, why are these people being deported? For what reason exactly? There's no suggestion that they've broken any laws or came here on false documentation. Is it enough that you're accused of terrorism to get deported? These people were held for thirteen days with no charge, after hugely dramatic "terror raids" which are clearly executed in order to grab headlines. The total evidence found was:

Exhibit A: Photographs of Manchester Shopping Center
Exhibit B: Small Amounts Of Sugar
Exhibit C: Brown Skin

One of these is a joke.

Either way, The Chief Cuntstable of Manchester Mr Fahy felt justified in saying
"I do not believe a mistake has been made.

"I do not feel embarrassed or humiliated about what we have done. We carried out our duty."
Well yes you did make a mistake didn't you, because they appear to be completely fucking innocent.

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