Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh, do fuck off
Although drinking is not banned in the zones, police can ask anyone to stop drinking and it is an offence to refuse, punishable by a maximum £500 fine. No explanation or suspicion that the person could be a public nuisance is required. The highest fine will soon rise to £2,500.
I believe this is exactly what a law is not supposed to do? Laws should be black and white; if they did this that happens, if they didn't nothing happens. This particular drinking regulation is completely incomprehensible to any kind of normal human mind: It's not illegal to drink, it's not "banned", but depending if the police officer feels like it not, they can tell you to stop and confiscate your drink. Obviously you are not allowed to argue with this or you'll be arrested. They do not have to give you a reason, you could be sat in the park by another guy and they make you stop drinking but let the guy next to you carry on, and that is perfectly within the letter of this law!

And here I was thinking the law was supposed to be consistent, but it turns out that it's really down to individual discretion of whichever cunt happens to be near you in uniform that day. Marvellous.

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Anonymous said...

I hate(most)pigs!!! - wait, most authority in general !!! suck a fat !

Anonymous said...

one * :P