Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World Of Warcraft Movie

Sam Raimi to direct film version of the World of Warcraft | Film |
Spider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi has signed up to make a live-action film version of the fantasy-based computer game World of Warcraft, Variety reports.
I'm so excited to see the kind of reaction this film will get. There will be an obvious split in the Warcraft community, with half claiming its the best thing ever and half claiming that its just Blizzard selling out (more). The interesting part will be whether anyone else watches it. I really wonder whether people who don't play the game are going to go see it, and it presents a familiar dillema for the people making the film. They could make it so that it's completely accurate and really appeals to fans of the game, you know, in jokes etc (although I can tell you know there is zero chance that this film will come out without "Leeroy Jenkins" being mentioned). But that would allienate....every one in the world who doesn't play world of warcraft, which is approximately 6bn - 10m.

Anyway, fascinating concept, I'm still waiting for someone to make a proper worthwhile movie adaption of a game. Although what I'm really waiting for is someone to bring out a new story line with a game and film released at the same time....

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redneck6979 said...

I play WoW and have been waiting for this movie for awhile now. I do agree that if it is done poorly it will up set a lot of people that currently play the game and when you collect $15 per month from 12 million people you don't really want them to be disappointed.

So this gives the writers two directions they can move in as far as a script goes.

1. They can follow current game to create a basic movie based on one adventures into the world of Azeroth and the Out Lands. This would also mean that there couldn't be just one movie but more of a trilogy type movie like Lord of the Rings.

2. They could follow the World of Warcraft lore and make a movie that is not based on the game, kind of like they did with the comic series but again it could not be completed in just one movie.

We will also have to see if they get the right mix of real actors and CGI just right or if they will go for a pure CGI type movie.